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A Slice Of Watermelon Pie

Summer fruit is superb! Everything from the berries at the beginning of the season, to the cherries and stone fruit towards the later part of the summer, and we can't forget about the melons. So apparently it is national watermelon day! It is so funny that there are so many food day holidays. This is one to celebrate. 

If you haven't noticed it is hot outside! One of the best things about watermelon is that it is made up of mainly water, hence the name...haha! We always need to stay hydrated without drinking bottled juices or sodas. When we eat a watermelon we are drinking about 90% water. Water in itself is nourishing, but think of all the additional vitamins and minerals that go along with a watermelon. So many! Things like lycopene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C plus many more. Watermelons also help to balance our electrolyte levels due to the heat of summer. We are outside more and sweating more so we have to make sure that our electrolytes are balanced. One of the best ways is to eat watermelon! This is also a great tip for athletes. When going into a competition or heavy training day, eat watermelon the day before to help with soreness and recovery after.  

Here are some fun facts about watermelons:

1. They are related to the cucumber and squash family. 

So are they are fruit, vegetable, or tuber? 

2. China is the worlds #1 producer of watermelons. 

They brought over to China in the 10th century. 

3. The first explorers used watermelons as a canteen. 


1 small watermelon - sliced 

1 pineapple- sliced 

Garnish: (You can use any fruit)

Blueberries Grapes Dragon Fruit 

A pinch of Salt 


1. Slice the watermelon and pineapple. 

2. To make the stars of the pineapple, using a cookie cutter, gently make a mark on the pineapple. This will help you when you cut it out.

3. With a very sharp tip of a knife, cut the along the outline to cut the star out. Be careful because sometimes the pointed tips get cut off due to the thick fiber strands of the pineapple they can get cut off. By the way if you have kids this is a great project for them to help you with in the kitchen! 

4. Assemble the watermelon pie, add that pinch or 2 of salt to help bring out the sweetness and decorate as desired! 


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