Homemade Fettuccine 


1/2 cup Semolina 

1 1/4 cup All Purpose Flour 

3 large eggs- room temperature 

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 


In a medium bowl mix together flours. Make a small mound of the flours on a clean surface. 

In the middle of the mound make a small well. 

Add one egg and start to incorporate with a fork, while maintaining the walls of the mound. 

Add another egg and incorporate. Add the last egg and the olive oil. Incorporate with a fork. 

Then with your hands begin to add the remaining flour and start to knead the dough. 

Kneading the dough will take about 5 minutes for the dough to produce gluten and become smooth. 

The dough should be consistent in color and texture. 

Wrap the dough in plastic and place in the fridge for a minimum of 30 minutes. 

To roll the pasta dough:

Lightly flour a clean surface. 

With a rolling pin roll out the dough to a 1/2 - 1/4 inch thinness. 

In the maker, being to roll the pasta out to your desired thinness. After each time you roll the sheet of pasta gently flour the sheet for it not to stick. 

To make fettuccine place the pasta attachment to the pasta maker. 

Cut the sheet of rolled out pasta to about 12 inch sheets. 

Place the sheets through the fettuccine setting. Gently flour the fettuccine. 

To cook pasta: 

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Generously salt the boil pot of water.

Add fresh pasta and boil for 2-3 minutes. 

To freeze fresh pasta:

After cutting the fettuccine gently flour and place fettuccine length wise for about an hour for the pasta to being to dry out. 

Place pasta in a freezer bag and place in the freezer until ready to prepare. 


Homemade fettuccine with a fiddle head heirloom tomato basil and pea sauce

Ingredients for sauce

1 box or 1 cup of fiddle heads- washed and trimmed

1 cup heirloom tomatoes -halved

1/2 cup frozen peas - thawed

1/2 yellow onion - minced

1 teaspoon Grass-fed butter

1-2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 

1 tablespoon fresh basil leaves - chiffonade



A reserve of pasta water


Heat a medium to large skillet pan with butter and olive oil over medium heat.

Add onions and salt to sweat for 2 minutes. Then add the fiddle heads and saute for about 3-4 minutes. 

Then add the tomatoes, peas, and basil, and season with salt and pepper. Lower heat to low and cook until the tomatoes soften. 

Then add the boiled fresh homemade fettuccine to the skillet pan. Finish with a drizzle of olive oil and a little bit more butter. 

If the sauce is to dry add some of the reserve of the pasta water until it reaches the consistency of your liking. 

Serve and top with some fresh basil and freshly grated parmesan cheese. 

*** Recipe for homemade fettuccine is coming.***


Kale Lime Guacamole


1 bunch of curly kale -chopped

4 Haas Avocados 

4 limes 

1/4 cup cilantro 

1/2 cup red onion - minced

2 roma tomatoes - diced 




In a large pot of boiling water blanch curly kale for 1 minute. 

Remove leaves and drain well. 

Place halved avocados, blanched kale, lime juice, cilantro, salt and pepper in a food processor. 

Blend until smooth. 

Adjust seasoning to your liking. 

Fold in minced onion and diced tomato. 

Serve with homemade corn tortilla chips, or vegetables. Spread on a wrap or top on grilled chicken or salmon. 



Saffron Lemon & Red Bell Pepper Chicken Drumsticks 


4 chicken legs - skin on 

1 yellow onion - diced 

1 organic red bell pepper - diced

1 lemon - diced

1 pinch of saffron threads

1/2 cup chicken stock 




Preheat oven to 375 degrees. 

Dice vegetables, place in an oven proof baking dish. 

Clean and season chicken. Leaving the skin on allows for the chicken to stay very moist while it cooks. 

For a more healthy meal, remove the skin when ready to eat. 

Place chicken legs in baking dish. 

Add stock, season vegetables and the pinch of saffron threads. 

Bake in the oven for 35-40 minutes, until the internal temperature of chicken is 160 degrees. 

Serve best with sauteed spinach and boiled fingerling potatoes. 



Lemon Poppy Seed Cake 


2 cups All Purpose Flour 

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp seas salt

1 large room temperature egg

1 tablespoon coconut oil 

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tablespoons or 1 lemon - juiced 

1 tablespoon lemon zest

1/4 cup unsweetened apple sauce 

1/4 cup yogurt

1/3 cup milk

2 tablespoons poppy seeds 

2/3 cup cane sugar 

1/2 tsp butter to grease the loaf pan 


Preheat oven to 350 degrees, place baking rack in the middle/low level. 

In a large bowl, mix together flour, baking soda and powder, salt, lemon zest, and poppy seeds. 

In a stand mixer, on medium speed mix together coconut oil, vanilla extract, lemon juice, and sugar. Add egg.

Add the apple sauce and yogurt. 

On low speed add 1/3 of dry mixture, add 1/2 milk, and alternate ending with the dry mixture. 

Pour batter in a greased and  floured baking loaf pan. 

Bake for 35-40 minutes, or until the center if fully baked. 


Honey caramel nut candy


1/3 cup honey

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1/2 cup almonds - whole

1/2 cup pecans - chopped

1/3 cup slivered almonds

2 tablespoons chia seeds

1/2 cup sunflower seeds

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp ground cinnamon 


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

In a small sauce pan over medium heat, bring honey and coconut oil to a simmer and constantly stir. Make sure to not boil the honey.

Once the liquid mixture begins to simmer. Turn heat off and remove from stove. 

In a large bowl, mix all the nuts and seeds together. 

Line a baking sheet with a silpat.

Pour the honey caramel over the nuts and seeds and fold together. 

Pour the mixture and with a spatula pat the mixture into an even rectangle. 

Bake for 20 minutes. 

Allow the candy to cool and break apart. Keep in an air tight container in the fridge for up to 1 week. 

Best over Greek or plain yogurt.