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Goat Milk the Other Alternative to Cow's Milk

We talk a lot about other alternatives to cow's milk definitely some good reasons. This is not to put down and say that all cow's milk is bad for you or that you shouldn't eat/drink cow dairy products. I do in a moderate to small amount, and if you are not allergic or lactose intolerant than cow's milk products occasionally aren't harmful. 

Goat's milk ever tried it? Well I recommend that you do. One of the biggest reasons I recommend it is because of its anti inflammatory properties. We know that one of the factors that is a leading cause of many lifestyle diseases and disorders is the increase of inflammation in the body. When we continually contribute to inflammation through our diet we are causing some serious harm. Think about it like this, when we sprain or break an ankle it automatically swells up. Inflammation! That injured area of our body that we physically harmed is not swollen or inflamed. This means blood rushes to that area and the body automatically begins healing it. It hurts and we overall don't feel so well. This is what happens to our body when we continually put junk in our body, and I mean junk in all aspects of the word. Just to name a few items in the category of junk: processed cereals and granola bars, processed ice creams, cheeses, and milks, processed frozen meals, canned soups, and processed breads. See a trend with these food items? Processed and manmade! When we consume theses products 2, 3, 4, 5 times a week we are fueling fire to the internal inflammation specifically our gut. 

Sometimes we get an automatic reaction, bloating, sometimes it is gradual overtime and we build up an intolerance or an allergy, or our body reacts with a disorder or disease. I am not going to go on about inflammation, but basically the chemical make up of goats milk makes it not only more nutrient rich, but overall better for the body to aid in digestion, reduce inflammation, rich in calcium and healthy fats, and since it doesn't cause the inflammation that many pasteurized cow's dairy products cause it actually helps you digest nutrients more efficiently.


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