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Sore Throat Home Remedy

Before the cough syrups and cold medicines we had home remedies. This is one of them that is a staple in my book: Lemon Ginger Honey Tea. When we get sick or start to feel that bug coming on we have to build up our immune system. Which we all need to start thinking about soon with school starting up and well if you are not in Miami, FL the weather will begin to change into fall.

 By helping to provide the right kind of nutrients to enhance the immune system which is compromised due to the flue/cold/bug we are getting we can reduce our symptoms and reduce the length of the sickness. This won't get rid of it, sorry there is no cure for 100% eliminating it one day to the next but we can definitely make it better. 

Why these 3 ingredients?

Lemon: Is a citrus fruit so it is rich in Vitamin C which we know is a good immune boosting vitamin. Even though it is a water soluble vitamin, meaning we can't store it in our body we excrete it when we have reached our limit. Since the body is compromised especially the immune system, increasing your intake of Vitamin C helps to fight the bug and free radicals which are causing the fatigue and overall cold. You know I talk a lot about inflammation, but when we are sick or feel something coming on our body suffers from internal inflammation whether it be on a cellular level or your throat. So Vitamin C aids in reducing the inflammation. 

Ginger: This root has many wonderful properties, but when we are sick we sometimes get those upset stomach or nausea. Ginger is a miraculous healer for this. Adding it to soups when under the weather is a great idea as well. When we are sick our body isn't functionally properly, it is trying to rid itself of the bacteria or virus. So again inflammation sets in usually when we are sick we feel it in our throat. Ginger contains antibacterial properties, so for centuries ginger has been used to sooth the throat. 

Honey: Raw honey specifically, which should not be given to babies! The bee pollen in raw honey contains so many wonderful health benefits and essential nutrients. When we are sick we tend to not have a strong appetite. With just a bit of raw honey added to the warm drink we help to not only soothe a sore throat, but we also provide so many incredible nutrients like amino acids, enzymes, contains anti-fungal properties, and many more. The Chinese have been using raw honey for centuries because they realized its sensational health benefits. So I highly recommend investing in some raw honey and enjoying some when you are cured from the seasonal flu or cold. 

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