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Slow Down and Enjoy


We live in a fast paced world and our lives are constantly stimulated. Take the time to stop and enjoy. What do I mean by that? 

I mean stop and smell the roses. Technology has taken over our lives, and I don't say that negatively. But we have forgotten to disconnect a little and read a book, enjoy a coffee and cookie, or sit down and have quality time with the people we care about. These things are so important to the quality of our lives. It is ironic that I am talking about disconnecting yet I am writing about this on a social media platform. Nevertheless the point is that we should dedicated some time every week or even daily to removing ourselves from this world. 

The quality of our life is vital to our state of well-being. Make the time to sit and watch the sunset, turn your phone off (well at least the notifications), and disconnect from this captivating world of technology. We are consumed by it and remembering to stop and slow down for a little is a vital part of your health. 

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