Hello, my name is Alexandra Golovac.


Food lover is an understatement! Food is my life. I love cooking, baking, eating, reading, learning, teaching, and sharing food. The past 6 years of my life have been dedicated to learning about food. I love it so much that I decided to get my culinary degree, a Certificate Masters in Gastronomy/ Food Studies, and a Nutrition Certification. My goal is to teach you that wellness comes from recipes that have been established in gastronomy for centuries. I started this blog to reach people from all over educating them on everything cooking, nutrition, culture, history, travel, and wellness. All of these are what makes for a healthy and happy life.  

AG Nutrition Wellness Philosophy

Living a healthy lifestyle encompasses one’s nutrition, activity, mental state, sleep, and social circle. AG Nutrition Wellness does not believe in eliminating specific foods from person’s diet, but rather about incorporating variety and making small changes that will later add up to a permanent change. We believe that we should all enjoy the things we love without removing them from one’s diet completely, but instead swapping them out for better options. I hope that you prepare these delicious and simple dishes, and become a food lover like me. 

       Let's work together to improve your wellness and well-being! How does it work? We start with an initial consultation where I get to know you and your wellness goals. From there we create a plan to get you on the road to well-being. Everyone deserves a healthy and happy life and I am here to guide you through that process.