Photo by Conrad Golovac, Photographer,

                                                                                     Photo by Conrad Golovac, Photographer,

My name is Alexandra Golovac, better known as Alex. I am a Nutrition Consultant from Miami, FL. I graduated from University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2011. Realizing that my passion lies in the art of cooking and leading an active lifestyle, I attended Boston University where I received my Masters Certificate in Gastronomy and Food Studies. This Masters Certificate allowed me to explore further the human relationship with food over centuries and across many cultures. While at BU, I also completed the Culinary Arts Program, therefore becoming a certified Culinary Arts Chef. Throughout my educational career, I remained and continue to remain active. Which I believe to be a vital aspect of living well. 

On returning to Miami after completing my Masters Certificate and becoming a certified French trained Chef I began working for the non-profit organization, Common Threads. This opportunity to reach young underprivileged elementary school children by teaching 10 week nutrition and cooking classes after school, I realized my desire to make a change in the American food culture. This has propelled me to want to educate others in living a life of wellbeing.  I created my wellness program, AG Nutrition & Wellness. The belief of AG Nutrition & Wellness is that all can achieve wellness. Wellness is a healthy relationship with food, staying active, and having a positive outlook on life and situations. 

     My mission is to transform my clients’ relationship with food to one that emphasizes nourishment, gratification, and most importantly: happiness. By developing a strong understanding of each individual’s desires and wants, I will provide personalized tools and skills in which one needs to lead a healthy lifestyle, both mind and body. My practice focuses on a whole foods diet that is devised through scientific and cultural recipes; these recipes will provide the essential nutrients in which one’s body requires to thrive, but also satisfies our tastebuds. Cultures are rich with diverse and nutrient dense food scenes. Health food is thought to be tasteless, but for centuries cultures have existed due to their nutritious diets, and  due to processed foods we have moved away from cooking from our roots.  My goal is to impact my community in providing health and cooking education so that we don't increase lifestyle diseases, but rather rid our growing problem of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. 

My dreams are big and I know that we can make this change together. To make more of a difference with those I work with and my local community I am currently attending Maryland University of Integrative Health for my Masters in Nutrition. 



"Food is a passion. Food is love."